Reflecting on the spring and the summer…

Should learn from their experience too…


What I learned from my spring and summer Garden:

My spring and summer gardens were a success in some ways and failures in other ways.  I keep beating myself up for my failures although I know that I shouldn’t.  This was my first garden (besides years of just helping out in gardens and on a couple farms) and this was a good learning experience for me.  As frustrated as I am with the turnout and my success, I think that’s part of being a gardener and farmer.  There is a lot to learn.  You cannot go back and re-read information for an exam or practice something over and over again like when learning a new instrument.  Instead, you learn with the seasons.  Once the window of opportunity is up, you wait until next year to see how things will go that year.  I’m also learning how something that should be…

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